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LPG road tanker exploded in E.China killing 19 and injuring 172
China's State Council, the cabinet, announced on Sunday it would supervise the investigation into the explosion of a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanker truck on the highway in East China, which left 19 people dead and injured 172. The company that reportedly owned the truck had 10 administrative punishments within the past two and one-half years for various reasons including safety deficiencies. The fatal explosion occurred at about 1640 hours on a highway on Saturday. The tanker truck exploded and hit a nearby factory, which caused a secondary explosion. The incident damaged houses along the highway, according to a release from the local transportation management bureau on Saturday. The incident drew wide public attention, not just because of the tragic explosion scenes, but also because of concern over the transportation safety of dangerous goods. As of press time, 19 people had died and 172 people had been injured - 24 of them were in severe condition. Further, 634 residents were affected by the incident and relocated to 13 sites where medical teams and psychological professionals could offer them help. The Work Safety Committee of the State Council said on Sunday that it would supervise the investigation into the incident. It urged further strengthening of safety supervision and intensifying law enforcement for the transportation of chemical goods and other vehicles with high safety risks, such as heavy duty trucks and passenger buses. Chinanews.com reported on Sunday that according to public online data, the company that owns the truck had been involved in lawsuits for traffic accidents. It also received 10 administrative punishments in the past two and one-half years for various reasons, including recruiting unqualified employees and failing to implement safety management. Such a mixture would result in a strong reaction and lead to a strong blast, he said, noting that the LPG leak alone might not necessarily lead to an explosion, so further investigations would be required. After the explosion, the truck was broken apart with its front extremely damaged. The driver and another person in the truck are still missing.

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